Friends of the hedgehogs

Thank you from the team at Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary and from all the hedgehogs you have helped!

These people listed here have helped the hedgehogs at Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary, they include volunteers, supporters, sponsors, and donors. If we have have mistakenly not listed your name here or you would prefer your name removed please get in touch with us asap.


Thank you to those who devoted their time to helping the hedgehogs at Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary. Special thanks to those who help us with fostering hedgehogs over winter and those who are hedgehog guardians. Also a huge thank you to all those who let us release the hedgehogs we rehabilitated back in to the wild though release sites.

Volunteers and Helping hands

Nine Lives Vets - Based in Redbourn, this surgery has been very kind to us and helped out with lots of injured hedgehogs that we could not treat ourselves. Special thanks to Sarah and Chris.

Harpenden Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts - These groups have been a great help in making both custom hedgehog shelters and cages. Special thanks to leaders Jeremy, Steve, Sally, and Jane.

Kate - Kate is our Hoglet Queen Mum, she is extremely knowledgeable on hedgehogs and currently specialises in helping baby pinky/hoglets. Kate gives up some very unsociable hours to help the hoglets which is hugely time intensive often requiring attention on the hour, every hour! It would be almost impossible for me to care for orphaned baby hoglets with out Kate. Kate also helps with the larger awareness and fair events I go to for the hedgehogs.

John - John has been helping us with lots of hand made hedgehog homes, hutch stands, and various maintenance jobs to help fix hedgehog hutches and storage areas at the sanctuary. John is also one of our 'Hog Runner's' helping to rescue hedgehogs and collect them from his local area on our behalf. John is a local Champion of hedgehogs in his area and does a huge amount to help hedgehogs in gardens in and around his street.​

Sarah - Sarah helps with us stalls and awareness events and is also one of our 'Hog Runner's' helping to rescue hedgehogs and collect them from her local area on our behalf. Sarah often helps out at the last minute.

Claire - Claire helps with stalls and and also educational and awareness group visits. Claire has also helped us with fundraising and has worked for many other charities in the past.​

Suzanne - Suzanne has helped us with various online website related projects and documentation, she is also the star behind our quarterly new letters. Suzanne also helps with stalls and awareness events and some promotional activities.

George & Sam - George and Sam have helped the hedgehogs by making amazing craft items which we sell at stalls and events to help raise money for the hedgehogs.

Frances - Frances makes amazing knitted hedgehogs for us to sell at stalls and events to help raise money for the hedgehogs. Frances devotes a lot of time helping us to raise money for the Charity.

I'd also like to thank my mother :P She has taken up a backup role on many occasions when I was unable to get help from others on short notice. She also makes the vast majority of the craft items we sell at stalls to help raise funds for the hedgehogs, this takes a lot of time to do.


Thank you to those who donate and support us continuously and who supported us with one-time donations for the hedgehogs. You have directly helped to maintain and restore important local wildlife for future generations. The charity receives no funds from the Government and our work is largely funded by people like you who want to support local wildlife and help British Hedgehogs.

Members, Patrons, Hedgehog Adopters, and Donors

Donation items:

Thank you to everyone who has donated both money and items to help the hedgehogs.  We have received donated cages, carriers, towels, food, heat pads, and much more.  Everything helps and is really appreciated.


Thank you to those who have supported us with free or sponsored services and donations.  This kind of help is a huge benefit to the Charity and greatly appreciated by all the hedgehogs we rehabilitate!

Corporate and Small Business Hedgehog Friends

George Reddings - Helping us with designing our lovely logo.

Total Looks Harpenden’s Beauty Therapist - Sponsored the printing of leaflets, banners, and stickers for the charity.  Also loaned monies for products to sell to generate income for the charity at Christmas craft markets.

AM Signs Herts - Sponsored the design, print, and placement of branding signs on 'Hogger', the hedgehog pickup and drop off vehicle. Special thanks to Mark.

1st Harpenden Scouts - For donating their old sit on lawnmower to us. Special thanks to Jeremy and Dave.

Savills Harpenden - South East estate and letting agents, for sponsoring and supporting us at the Harpenden Dog Show. Special thanks to Nick.

ASDA Luton - For donating to us through their green token scheme. donating. Special thanks to Amanda.

Waitrose Harpenden - For donating to us through their green token scheme. donating. Special thanks to Stefan and Sarah.

Riverford Organic Farmers - For sponsoring the printing of awareness leaflets and for donating to the Charity though new customer coupon signups. Special thanks to David.

DOR-2-DOR (UK) - For supporting us with hedgehog awareness leaflet deliveries within the local area. Special thanks to Jeff, Will, and Vanessa.

FrizKnits - For knitting ornaments that are sold with 100% of the revenue going to help the hedgehogs we rehabilitate. Special thanks to Frances.

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