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Hedgehog Awareness Leaflets Heading Your Way, Supported By DOR-2-DOR!

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

We would like to thank DOR-2-DOR (UK) for helping support us with leaflet distribution to the local community. These leaflets are packed with lots of information about what we do to help hedgehogs and how you can make small changes to your garden to make it Hedgehog Friendly!

DOR-2-DOR (UK) (

DOR-2-DOR ( will start to distribute Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary leaflets this week, so please look out for it. You can't miss them, they have lots of hedgehog photos on them :D

The Awareness leaflets also have information on ways you can help us and important information about how to contact us if you find a hedgehog that needs rescuing. The printing of these leaflets was kindly sponsored by Riverford Organic Farmers, please check out our coupon code ("HORNBEAM") on the leaflet if you order from them as they will donate £25 to the hedgehogs for new customers who sign up to Riverford Home Delivery using that promotional code!

A big thank you to the team at DOR-2-DOR for their support, they have been constantly in contact with us with updates and all the information about delivery locations and schedules. A very friendly, and family run local business in Harpenden. You can follow them on Instagram ( and Twitter ( They also provide design and print services and offer free tools to help you!


DOR-2-DOR will be distributing 5,000 of our awareness leaflets though out Wheathampstead, Redbourn, and Harpenden helping to increases awareness of the troubles hedgehogs are facing. Hedgehogs are an endangered species in the United Kingdom, we help the local hedgehogs that are injured, sick, or are orphaned hoglets. If you do receive one of the leaflets, please spend a little time reading though it.

DOR-2-DOR offers a genuine and reliable Leaflet Distribution Letterbox Marketing solution. They supply a full range of printing products as well as a top quality design service to meet all your needs.


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