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⚠️ Warning - Please note that the footage you will see on our live cameras is completely unedited and may show some scenes of behaviour that could be distressing to some viewers.

If you would like to know more about wild hedgehogs please visit WILD HEDGEHOG AWARENESS & EDUCATION.

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- The hedgehogs are wild hedgehog undergoing rehabilitation.
- The hedgehogs may not always be asleep during the day (this is not normal for hedgehog habits).
- The hedgehogs are normally released back in to the wild once they are fit and healthy.
- The hedgehogs you see on this livestream may likely be close to being released back in to the wild and will shortly be released in to a "soft release pen", and then (if all goes well) will be fully released back in to the wild to the area it came from.
- Some of the hedgehogs you see may be disabled hedgehogs which have a permanent safe home at the sanctuary due to them being unrealisable fully back in to the wild.
- The hutches have been donated and repurposed as rehabilitation homes for the hedgehog while in our care.
- The food you see the hedgehogs eating is either jelly based dog or cat food or hedgehog dried food.
- The box you see is a hedgehog nesting home where the hedgehog sleeps, either a proper hedgehog house or modified wooden box.
- The bedding material inside the nesting box is dried hay and the material you may see outside in the hutches is either dried hay or dried wood shavings.

A quick drink before breakfast... Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary

A quick drink before breakfast... Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary

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