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We use 100% of income generated from our shop to help the hedgehogs.

We offer a free local delivery service to a 5 mile radius around Harpenden.  Please check the map at the bottom of the checkout page to confirm you are within our free delivery range. If you are, then please ensure you select the free local delivery service option!

Luxuary Natural Wood Hedgehog House
Hedgehog Home

We sell hedghog homes and food along with bowls and bedding.

Hedgehog Gifts

We sell lots of gift ideas including wildflower seeds and craft items. We also have lots of hedgehog toys and decorations.

Wildlife Bath

We sell lots of wildlife feeders, food and water bowls, and bird baths.

Bird Box

We sell lots of wildlife habitats including bat boxes, bird nest boxes, duck baskets, frog and toad houses, hedgehog homes, bees homes, and insect habitats.  We also sell bedding materials.

Wildlife Food

We sell lots of wildlife food including fish, hedgehog, squirrel, waterbird, chicken, and bird mixes.

Seed Feeder

We sell lots of bird feeders including ground, hanging, table, and protective. We also have seed, nut, suet & fat, and fadball variants.

Bird Seed Mix

We sell lots of bird seed mixes for wild birds such as songbirds and robins, and many more.  We sell ground, hanging, feeders, tube, and table variants.  We have seed, mealworm, and suet & fat variants.

Bird Fat Balls

We sell lots of bird fat and suet food such as coconut feeders, fatballs, mealworms, feasts, and pellets.


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