We often have opportunities for volunteers to get directly involved with helping us.  We have volunteers who help us with looking after the hedgehogs, with educational talks and group visits, with stalls, awareness campaigns, maintaining buildings used for the hedgehogs and other smaller projects, and more.

Once we are in need of help, we will contact those that have registered their interest. This may be straight away or a few months away. If you have a keen interest in hedgehogs why not register your interest.

Please note that the majority of volunteer work will require you to be local to Harpenden in Hertfordshire. Having transport will help but not all positions need you to travel.



Are you enthusiastic about hedgehog welfare?

Do you have a passion and an interest in helping wildlife?

Are you over 18?

Do you live locally?

Why not help us by volunteering!

There are all kinds of ways you might be able to help us and the hedgehogs. Here is a selection, but maybe you can also help us in other ways! Just let us know.

  • Vets and medical help for the hedgehogs (must be qualified)

  • Feeding and weighing hedgehogs

  • Cleaning hedgehog hutches, incubators, nesting boxes, food and water bowls, and putting in new bedding

  • Hedgehog rescue call outs (requires a car)

  • Building sheds etc and/or general woodwork and maintenance around the sanctuary

  • Gardening and groundwork

  • Helping with stalls and events

  • Helping with children's group visits such as beavers, cubs, scouts, brownies, rainbows, girlguiding, etc...

  • Helping with school visits

  • Building hutches and nesting boxes

  • Fundraising and street collections for the charity

  • Gaining sponsorship for the charity

  • Art work and graphic design

  • Blogging, social media, and writing articles

  • Creating craft items or gifts to sell at stalls, events, and online to help raise funds to help the hedgehogs

  • Administration


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It is important to note that the photos you see of hedgehogs on this website are taken while a hedgehog is in rehabilitation and DO NOT reflect the natural habit of a wild hedgehog. They are nocturnal.

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