There are a number of things to look out for when a hedgehog is in trouble. Please read though this page to find out ways to help the hedgehog.



8th December 2020

It's a busy time of the year for hedgehog rescues. Mainly those that are underweight.

We've had a huge influx of rescues this past 2 weeks which has taken up most of my time. The weekends are by far the most busy time for calls. I'm having to pull in the rescue coverage area as hedgehogs are coming in from all over and it's getting too much for me to deal with. I also don't want to be in a position where we are unable to help rescue local hedgehogs.

So, until further notice I'm only rescuing very local hedgehogs. This may change again soon, but for now I need to restrict the areas or we will not be able to help the local hedgehogs. We are able to rescue local hedgehogs from Harpenden, Wheathampstead, Kimpton, and Redbourn. If we are unable to pickup the phone, please leave a voice message if you have a local hedgehog in need of help, if you don't hear back from us within 30 mins then please call The British Hedgehog Preservation Society (01584 890801).

We definitely can not take in any hedgehogs at the moment further away from Harpenden than Bedford, Bishop's Stortford, Watford, or Aylesbury. I will be asking those rescues to please call The British Hedgehog Preservation Society (01584 890801). I have also spoken with The British Hedgehog Preservation Society today.

We'll reevaluate this situation in a couple of weeks time.

Thank you!




...was found out during the day.

...was found out during the winter period, especially if snow or frost.

...is wobbling, limping, or swaying.

...is smaller than a tennis ball in size when curled up.

...has blood on it.

...is lying flat on its side.

...is vomiting.

...is coughing.

...is trapped in netting, a hole, or a pond/swimming pool.

...is underweight during late Autumn/Winter time (see detailed weight guide).



1. Pick up the hedgehog with gloves on your hands, or wrap a towel or some old newspaper around it. Never use your bare hands

2. Put the hedgehog inside a box that has high sides to it as hedgehogs can climb! Ensure the box has air vents in it by poking lots of holes towards the top of the box with a pencil. You can also use a pet carrier if you have one to hand.

3. Put a few old towels in the box for the hedgehog to snuggle up in.

4. Place a hot water bottle under the towels or wrap a towel around a plastic bottle filled with hot water in it. Please skip this step if the hedgehog is bleeding heavily or has obvious heat stroke.

5. Then put the box in a warm place that is quiet but not in direct sunlight.  Place a with a shallow bowl of water in the box.​

PLEASE NOTE: If you have found baby hoglets (without a mother, or if they have been disturbed) please try not to handle them unless they are in danger. Baby hoglets that are pink skinned will very likely not survive one night on their own. Seek help asap.



Now it's time to get help for the hedgehog. The sooner you can get help for the hedgehog, the better the chances it will survive.

We are a rescue centre for wild european hedgehogs. Please contact us if you find a hedgehog in need of help and are located in the local areas of Harpenden, Kimpton, Wheathampstead, or Redbourn. We can accept hedgehogs from further distances depending on how many patients we have admitted, but they will need to be delivered to us. ​Never contact us for hedgehog rescues by email, social messages, or any other contact means other than phone as we do not monitor them all the time. ​We are not open to the general public and you cannot drop off a hedgehog to us without prior notification. There are a number of reasons for this, but mainly to ensure that we have capacity to help as we are all volunteers.​

1) If you have found a hedgehog that needs help, and you are located close enough to drive to Harpenden in Hertfordshire, please call us on 07999 573513 (10am-6pm any day of the week).

​2) If you are not local to us, or you do not hear back from us within 30mins (if you left an answer phone message), please contact the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) on 01584 890801. They can give you advice and also put you in contact with a hedgehog rescue centre local to you, they have a database of 600+ hedgehog rescue centres in the United Kingdom.

3) If you still can't get help, or the hedgehog has a serious injury such as open wound, lying on its side, or you see blood. Please take the hedgehog directly to a local vets.


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