​If you have found a hedgehog in trouble:

Please visit our "Hedgehog Rescue" page to see what you need to do first. Do not contact us for hedgehog rescues through any social media channels or via email as we do not monitor them all the time.

For anything else NOT related to hedgehog rescues, please email or post to the following:


c/o Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary

Total Looks

71A High Street




PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT the location of the hedgehog sanctuary, it is a shop that is kindly helping us by accepting post on our behalf. They will not be able to help with hedgehogs rescues!

We are a small family run Charity. We spend a good portion of the day rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing hedgehogs. Due to limited time we can't always reply back to emails,  or get back to non emergency answer phone messages straight away.

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You could like and follow us on Facebook which is a great way to help spread awareness and join our community which will get you closer to what we are doing and meet other hedgehog lovers! We post updates nearly daily so it's a really good place to see what what's going on at Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary too.


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