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“Volunteer parties help tackle jobs which would otherwise take weeks or months to complete - for which I am very grateful.”  Martin Maylin, Founder.

Out of office: Give back to your local community, share time with your colleagues, feel good.

  • The setting: 10 acres of meadows and woodland overlooking Harpenden

  • Space:  For perspective and inspiration

  • Options: Full day (10am - 5pm) or Half day (1:30pm - 5pm) - up to 40 people

  • Welcome: A short introductory talk on hedgehogs, tour of the sanctuary and plan of action

  • Activities: Fun creating footpaths, gardens for hedgehogs, planting saplings, digging, cutting, moving materials, maintenance of the sanctuary facilities and anything that needs doing on Martin’s list!

  • Refreshments/food: We have tea/coffee making facilities. Please bring your own snacks, cold drinks and food

  • Shop:  We have souvenirs made by our volunteers - please ask if you would like to browse and we will open the shop for the group

  • Discretionary donations: We love having you here to help us - it means a lot. If you can make a donation to cover our time preparing and hosting your visit, we suggest a discretionary 100% tax deductible contribution of around £250 for a half day and £500 for a full day

  • Something special: Wood fire and hot chocolate - weather dependent (please request in advance)


“What a great way to spend an afternoon. It’s such a lovely, peaceful setting which allows you to get out of the office, breathe in the country air and really make a difference helping Martin with his endless list of outdoor jobs! We dug holes, planted saplings, moved rubbish, cleared nettles and weeds. We found it rewarding and satisfying and even the sun shone for us."

“Martin was super welcoming and very grateful for the help! I’m sure we’ll arrange another afternoon soon!"
Suzan Moule, Cisco

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