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Please be mindful of Hedgehogs on Bonfire night and Halloween

Every year we’re contacted by locals with hedgehogs that have been scorched due to accidentally mistaking a bonfire for a winter home. To reduce the risks that our celebrations pose to local wildlife, especially our hedgehog friends, we’ve put together some top tips to having a wildlife friendly bonfire:

  • Build your bonfire on the day you plan to light it, leaving little opportunity for wildlife to crawl inside

  • Always check an unlit bonfire for wildlife, especially hedgehogs, before you light your bonfire by using a broom stick and torch to lift the base of the bonfire and look and listen for signs of life

  • Light the bonfire on one side only giving any wildlife inside an emergency exit through the unlit side

  • Help raise awareness of the risks to wildlife by asking bonfire event organisers to check their bonfire before lighting or download and display our awareness poster

Enjoy your wildlife safe celebrations.



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