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Hedges - Hedgehog Highlights - Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary

British wild hedgehogs benefit from hedges for several reasons, as hedges provide a habitat that supports various aspects of their life cycle. Here are 10 reasons why hedges are important for British wild hedgehogs:

Shelter and Nesting Sites: Hedges offer hedgehogs secure and sheltered locations for nesting and breeding. The dense vegetation provides a protective environment for mothers and their young.

Hibernation Spaces: Hedgehogs hibernate during the winter months, and hedges provide suitable locations for this purpose. The structure of hedges helps insulate hedgehogs from extreme temperatures.

Foraging Grounds: Hedges harbor a variety of insects and invertebrates that hedgehogs feed on. The leaf litter and undergrowth in hedges create ideal foraging grounds for these nocturnal animals.

Connectivity: Hedges act as natural wildlife corridors, allowing hedgehogs to move between different habitats. This connectivity is crucial for maintaining genetic diversity and healthy populations.

Microclimates: Hedges contribute to creating microclimates by providing shade during hot weather and wind protection during cold weather. This can help hedgehogs regulate their body temperature more effectively.

Nesting Materials: Hedgehogs use materials from hedges, such as leaves and twigs, to build their nests. Hedges thus serve as a natural source of nesting materials for hedgehog mothers.

Urban Habitats: In urban areas, hedges offer crucial habitat in environments that may be otherwise dominated by buildings and pavement. Hedges provide green spaces for hedgehogs to navigate and find resources.

We have collated some resources for you to use to help spread awareness. These might be useful if you want to know why the British Wild Hedgehogs need help. You might also like to view our download page for posters, flyers, reports, and guides on British Wild Hedgehogs.

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