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One Day At A Hedgehog Rescue Centre With Martin and Fern (47 minute video)

Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed this youtube video ( I'd like to do more of these types of videos and have a few more scheduled. But do you want to see more videos like this?

This is the combination of clips through one day at Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary. I guess it's a vlog?

In this video we...

- 1:00 Sort out some fallen trees along fencing at the Sanctuary

- 2:30 Receive a surprise gift some a supporter

- 5:00 Cutting up some fallen tree branches

- 11:30 Talk about hedgehogs that sunbath (They don't do this!!!)

- 13:00 Pop in to Harpenden to the local drinks shop and meet Andrew :)

- 17:00 Cleaning out the hedgehog rehabilitation hutches

- 23:50 Cleaning out hedgehog nesting box

- 26:50 Getting 'Jaye' ready for release back in to the wild

- 30:15 Releasing 'Jaye' back in to the wild

- 33:40 Feeding the hedgehogs

- 36:10 Getting 'Mich' ready for release

- 38:05 Watching a livestreamer fundraise for the hedgehogs

- 40:00 Talking about hedgehogs that run around in circles (not good!)

- 41:30 Releasing 'Mich' Back in to the wild

- 43:27 An example of a hedgehog feeding station

- 45:13 Talking about a hedgehog being disturbed

Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary (



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