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Don't let our hedgehogs walk alone :( Help them to find more hedgehog friends!

The Wild British Hedgehog has been included in the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List for British Mammals. Their population has decreased by about 30% in urban areas and 50% in rural areas since the year 2000. It is estimated that 100k -350k hedgehogs are killed each year on the roads. Their habitats have been diminishing and their inability to access and travel through gardens and across roads has become in most cases, impossible. Roads create invisible barriers and also physical barriers for hedgehogs. The use of poisons like slug pellets, and intensive agricultural farming also have a part to play in their decreased populations through the loss of hedges and pesticides.

Don't let our hedgehogs walk alone :( Help them to find more hedgehog friends!

If you can do just one of the following things on this list today, you would make a big difference to helping our hedgehogs.

  1. Make an access route in to your garden (13cm x 13cm)

  2. Stop using Poisons & Chemicals

  3. Be careful with Bonfires (always check them for hedgehogs, or better build and light them the same day)

  4. Plant hedges (excellent natural habitats for hedgehogs)

  5. Be careful when Mowing & Strimming (hedgehogs can nest in long overgrown subbed areas)

  6. Create a Wild corner with wildflowers (attracts insects and invertebrates which hedgehogs eat)

  7. Make Pond safe (a simple ramp for easy access in and out of ponds)

  8. Pile up twigs and logs (attracts invertebrates and other bugs and creates a natural habitat for hedgehogs)

  9. Build a bug hotel (attracts invertebrates and other bugs which in turn provide food for the hedgehogs)

  10. Pickup Litter and netting (litter can be very dangerous for hedgehogs, especially netting)

  11. Start using Compost heaps or Wormery (provides habitats and food for the hedgehogs)

  12. Cover holes and drains (so hedgehogs don't get trapped in them)

  13. Build a hedgehog house (to provide a lovely home for your garden hedgehog)

  14. Feed hedgehogs & Make a feeding station (supplementary food will be welcomed all year round by the hedgehogs)

Don't let our hedgehogs walk alone :( Help them to find more hedgehog friends!

Photos credit Penny Bird.

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