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Wild Baby Hoglets + Mum Hedgehog Rescued from St Albans in Hertfordshire

We rescued 4 Wild Baby Hoglets and mother today from St Albans in Hertfordshire. They were found under a shed while Chris (who called in the rescue) was renewing a garden shed.

Luckily Chris drove over straight away and kept them warm (very important) while they were being transported. All are just over 50g and not more than days to a week old.

It's October time and the hoglets would have unlikely made it though the winter as they would not be more than 200-300g mid November. Ideally hedgehogs need to be around 650g+ to have a good chance to survive the hibernating winter periods. These hoglets will be with us until they are about 200g ish and then they will be looked after by one of our hedgehog fosterers, then released back in to the wild Sping next year.

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