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This is "Pal" being released back in to the Wild in Harpenden /St Albans area in the UK. Pal is a female hedgehog at a whopping 1.4KG in weight!

She's recovered from an eye injury and in this video is being released in to a rural area as this is the type of area she came from. It is important to note that hedgehogs are nocturnal and would not normally be seen out during the day. This release site has plenty of opportunities for Pal to forage for food and also fruit bushes and trees :) Good luck out there Pal!


A family run Charity that looks after British wild hedgehogs. We use 100% of income generated from our shop and from donations to help the hedgehogs.


The charity is a family run operation with help from the local community. Setup in April 2015, Mother and son are involved on a daily basis. The charity rehabilitates Hedgehogs which are sick, injured, underweight, or need help.

Website: https://www.hwhs.org.uk

Donations and Support: https://www.hornbeamwood.org.uk/support-hedgehog-charity

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It is important to note that the photos you see of hedgehogs on this website are taken while a hedgehog is in rehabilitation and DO NOT reflect the natural habit of a wild hedgehog. They are nocturnal.

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