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Rehabilitated Wild Hedgehog Released makes a Nest only to find someone else already lives there!

A big thank you to Vicky (one of our release sites) for sharing this wonderful and rare footage of one of the Hedgehogs we rehabilitated and released back in to the wild. This hedgehog is called Tink :) Tink is easy to spot as the recovery from a head injury has left a scare to one side of Tinks face.

Vicky has a stunning release garden for the hedgehogs with ample feeding stations and lots of hedgehog houses. Vicky has many visitors to her garden in Redbourn. These still photos capture Tink making a nest with the available resources to hand. Vicky leaves out news papers and dried hay for the hedgehogs to gather up and drag in to their new nests :) The problem is Tink thought the new nest was vacant :P

Step 1 - I think this will make the perfect home to nest in!

Step 2 - It needs more insulation, this will require some work, let's go take a look around the place!

Step 3 - Oh this dried hay is perfect! I'll have to come back for more of this!

Step 4 - Yep, definitely need more of that dried hay.

Step 5 - This mouth full of dried hay should do it :)

Step 6 - Hey! Who are you, I've been working hard all night to make this nest :( This is my home!

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