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Please Ask Your MP To Support The EDM Asking DEFRA To Withdraw Approval Of The A24 Trap In The UK.

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Date tabled: 22.05.2018

Primary sponsor: George, Ruth

A24 rat traps

That this House cherishes hedgehogs as a valuable part of native British wildlife and their contribution in controlling populations of slugs and snails in gardens; welcomes their designation as a protected species; is very concerned at the findings of the 2018 report, entitled The State of British Hedgehogs, that hedgehog numbers have fallen by 30 per cent in urban areas and by at least 50 per cent in rural areas since 2000; further welcomes the work of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society to raise awareness and support for hedgehogs; and calls on the Government to withdraw the licence for A24 rat traps that are designed to kill hedgehogs in New Zealand and are being sold unaltered in the UK where it is illegal to kill hedgehogs in such traps but the correct usage is impossible to monitor.

A24 rat traps

Please visit Parliament UK for more information. Early day motion 1297.



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