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Modify Your Pond To Make It Hedgehog Friendly

I've been visiting a few gardens recently getting ready for hedgehog releases from overwintered underweight hedgehogs, and also checking up on sites from previously released hedgehogs. I saw this pond which was a super example of how to make an older pond hedgehog friendly :D

So this is a 1950s/60s pond and typical of ponds around that time. It has over hanged edges to it made from segments of slabbed concrete. These ponds are terrible for hedgehogs as there is no way out of the pond and a very high chance they will drown if they fall in.

However, as you can see from this pond the owner has removed the left hand side of those slabs and placed an array of small pebbles and larger rocks leading in to the pond. This is brilliant and will ensure that when a hedgehog comes along for a drink and happens to topple in to the pond, they will easily be able to clamber out again!

It's a really simple way to modify these older types of ponds to make them wildlife friendly and at the same time will also help the birds as they can perch on those pebbles for a drink as well.

Another way you can also help the hedgehogs in your garden is by stacking up piles of twigs and leaves. Often you will have a small space at the end of your garden for this which is ideal for the hedgehogs. This provides both a habitat for them and opportunities to forage for food!

Pile of twigs

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