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LIVESTREAM: "The Best Garden For Hedgehogs" [Sun 2nd May 2021 2pm-2:45pm] FREE!! Facebook Live Event

Join us LIVE from Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary where we will create "The Best Garden For Hedgehogs!". We will talk about ways to help hedgehogs in your garden, and show you some small changes you can make to help them while visiting your gardens.

LIVESTREAM: The Best Garden For Hedgehogs [2nd May 2021 2pm-2:45pm] Facebook Live Event

Please check the "Interested" or "Going" links in this event page to be notified when we are about to go live.

You can also subscribe to our news letter updates via our website:

This is a FREE event, and all ages are welcome to join. We will be streaming it on Facebook Live and maybe to another platform at the same time (details to follow).

If you would like to help support us through donations that would be amazing, but not required!

Thank you,


Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary (



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