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How to make a Hedgehog Decking House - Home made from Wooden Decking Boards

In this video you will learn how to build your own hedgehog house out of old scrap decking boards. You can of course use new wood but the wood I used had been kindly donated to us. These are very very solid hedgehog houses which will last for years!

Tools needed:

- Saw (ideally an electric one)

- Hammer

- Measuring tape

- Screw driver (ideally an electric one)

- Pencil

Materials needed:

- Old or new decking boards (about 4.3m in total length), so long as they are more than 13cm in width it they will be fine. Ideally 15cm width is better.

- Screws x 30 ish

- Felt 50cm x 50cm

- Felt Nails x 20 ish

Basic Instructions:

1) Cut decking boards to length

2) Lay three cut to length boards on the base and screw all sides in place

3) Ensure a hole of 13cm x 13cm is at the front, ensure a tunnel is placed inside (see video)

4) Make rear flap door for easy access to clean house

5) Screw roof boards in place

6) Felt roof

7) Place feet on base

Finished Hedgehog Decking House Photos:

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