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Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary: Hedgehog Rehabilitation Statistics 2019

I'd like to share with you some statistics of our hedgehog rehabilitation for the year 2019 :D This is not the complete year as I did not start putting the hedgehog medical information online from the start of the year. But, these stats include about 250 of the hedgehogs we rehabilitated last year.

The information is automatically generated in to charts but they don't have representative details of what each chart measures. Anyhow, it's interesting :D

Health progress, changes, or other notes

The list above is a small sample of some of the health record comments which have been left on a hedgehogs file. Each hedgehog can have multiple different comments depending on the progress it makes. Some are daily notes but most are taken at weight checks.

Current rehabilitation house number/location

The chart above is a capture of the location for each hedgehog. It shows 246 records so 246 different hedgehogs. The colours each represent which rehabilitation hutch/incubator/box has been used the most but unfortunately it does not show the actual number of the rehabilitation hutch. We currently have around 80 rehabilitation units.

What type of food is the hedgehog currently eating

The chart above details what the hedgehogs were eating on first arrival. Unfortunately this chart does not show the hoglet food as we have another volunteer that looks after all our hoglets and I don't capture that information. So about 55% wet food, 27% dried food, and 16% no food! The no food is from a hedgehog that has come in emaciated or dehydrated (often not eating anything to begin with), or is hibernating.

Does the hedgehog need close monitoring?

The chart above shows what percentage of the hedgehogs in rehabilitation needed 24 hour close monitoring. 17% of the hedgehogs required 24 hour monitoring and help!

How was the hedgehog rescued?

The chart above shows the ratio of us driving out to rescue a hedgehog vs the caller dropping off the rescued hedgehog. So we have a 30% call out rate.

Is the hedgehog hibernating

The chart above shows how many hedgehogs we had in rehabilitation hibernated. Around 40 ish hogs hibernated during overwintering. These hedgehogs would have been over 600g at start of hibernation so left to hibernate safely if they chose to do so.

Hedgehog sex?

The chart above shows the split in hedgehog sex! It's not always easy to sex a hedgehog so some (20% ish) were not sexed with certainty on arrival or could not be sexed as they would not uncurl. It could be an even split or heavy on the female side.



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