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Help save Britain’s hedgehogs with ‘hedgehog highways’!

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Hugh Warwick has started a Petition to the Ministry of Housing and Planning to make hedgehog highways a legal requirement of new builds.

It’s estimated that numbers of our hedghogs are already down 95% since the 1950s. We have to act now. The inability for hedghogs to move freely though out many places in the UK is one of the reasons why they are declining.

I think this is a fantastic idea and would help hedghogs in new build gardens. It's just a 13 cm hole in the bottom of a fence that allows hedgehogs to move freely between gardens to find food and find a mate.. It would cost next to nothing for this to be implemented as essentially it's just a small hole!

This would have a big impact on the ability for hedghogs to move around. Hedgehogs travel around one mile every night through our parks and gardens in their quest to find enough food and a mate. If you also have an enclosed garden you might be getting in the way of their plans.

We now know that one of the main reasons why hedgehogs are declining in Britain is because our fences and walls are becoming more and more secure, reducing the amount of land available to them. - PTES / BHPS

Please sign the petition and give your support and help him get to 35,000 signatures!

UPDATE: He's close to 300,000 signatures now! Lets help get to that figure!

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