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Hedgehog Rehabilitation Statistics: Sex, Age, Food consumed, Health severity, Pain, and more!

Things were getting so confusing with paper all over the place! Hedgehog rescue numbers have increased dramatically this year at Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary with at least 100%+ increase over the previous year.

I've been trying to streamline everything I do in rehabilitating hedgehogs, cramming in more things and being more efficient. One of the admin tasks is now a lot faster and easier to track!

Going forward I will now be able to quickly glance at the current state of the hedgehogs we have in rehabilitation thanks to everything being in a digital format rather than bits of paper! This is something I've been working on recently and it will provide invaluable statistical information going forward along with being able to publish annual reports on our activities :D

So, here is a very small sample of the type of information I will be able to share with you all :D These charts were automatically created from the information we now hold on the hedgehogs in rehabilitation. These charts show a small selection of basic information for hedgehogs from a few weeks ago (38 hedgehogs in all). This information was captured on rescue, so some things like "sex" are often not known until a full medical health check has been carried out.

Sample Chart

Sample Chart

Sample Chart



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