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Bye, Bye, To Joe, Ben & Alex Hedgehogs

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Hedgehogs Joe, Ben & Alex came to us in July this year as orphaned hogglets which where found on a building site in Harpenden. Joe was 94g, Ben 99g, and Alex 95g. They where delivered by Beth and her two children.

Baby hoglets

We took care of them initially feeding them with liquids and jelly based cat food, after a few weeks they moved on to solid hedgehog food.

They started off in an open hedghog box inside, then moved in to a winebox and cage which was inside. They stayed together for some time, then where split apart as Ben and Alex where not allowing Joe to eat as much. They eventually upgraded to an outside home and finally to a release pen before being picked back up by Beth today and released in to some woods near to the school where her children attend.

They where released with Joe being 395g, Ben 520g, and Alex at 480g.

Hedgehog been released.

The release went well this afternoon, 18 children and some teachers joined in. They where shown some of the photos of the hogs as hoglets when they were very small and then went to the woods.

Hedgehog been released.

The children helped to build 3 piles of leaves and twigs for the hedgehogs and they were well spaced from eachother. Joe was released first then the other two. They all seemed to want to stay in their bedding material so where covered them up and with some nut/seed mix near to each pile.

Hedgehog been released.

As they were about to leave one of the children spotted that Joe had made a break for freedom and was charging off at quite a pace across the clearing!

Beth managed to get a photo of him on his way.

Hedgehog been released.

If you would like to help our hedgehogs right now, you can read our guide to helping hedgehogs.



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