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Bonfires - Hedgehog Highlights - Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary

Updated: 2 days ago

Check bonfires making sure there are no hedgehogs inside before lighting them. Ideally build it the same day as you burn it.

Ideally and recommended, bonfires should be built and burnt on the same day leaving little time for any wildlife (particularly hedgehogs) moving in to create a new nest / habitat.

Another option is to move the entire bonfire a few meters away just before lighting it.

Another option is to put up a fence or a barrier around the bonfire beforehand using chicken wire (not plastic netting) at least 1m high, or a pile of old tyres.

A last resort (but not ideal) would be to simply check the bonfire before lighting it. Hedgehogs tend to hide in the centre and bottom two feet of the bonfire, check by gently lifting the bonfire section by section with a pole or broom. Never use a spade or fork as these can stab them. Using a torch will help to see and listen for a hissing sound, as this is the noise they make when disturbed.

Finally, light the bonfire from one side only! This will allow an exit route should there be a hedgehog inside the bonfire.

We have collated some resources for you to use to help spread awareness. These might be useful if you want to know why the British Wild Hedgehogs need help. You might also like to view our download page for posters, flyers, reports, and guides on British Wild Hedgehogs.

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