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Meet Bart - This Hedgehog Has A New Igloo Hedgehog Home In A Garden!

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Bart is a fit and healthy hedgehog who has a new home at Mrs Humphries!

Mrs Humphries purchased one of our Igloo Hedgehog House along with some of our Hedgehog Food. The profits we make on the items we sell in our online store are all used to help hedgehogs at Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary. We used all the profits from this sale to contribute to food for the hedgehogs. They are all very thankful of Mrs Humphries!

Bart, the hedgehog

If you would like to buy one of Igloo Hedgehog House and maybe some Hedgehog Food to go with it, please visit our shop.

The Igloo Hedgehog House provides hedgehogs and other mammals a safe haven from the many hazards they face on a daily basis such as gardening tools, domestic pets and other predators.

Comprising of a round painted steel frame with a water-proofed roof it is covered with a brush wood finish decorated with withy bands. Made from natural materials - appearance can vary due to seasonal availability.

The Hedgehog Igloo has plenty of space inside and can accommodate family groups such as mother and hoglets.

Able to contain both a feeding bowl and water dish this shelter can also be used as a covered feeding station. With a small entrance tunnel designed to deter predators the Igloo is designed for shelter but can be used for hibernation if additional brushwood cover is provided over the Igloo in winter.

Place under a hedge, large shrub or similar concealed place, out of the prevailing wind with leaves or foliage around the house for further camouflage. Add some dry grass or leaves inside as nesting material. Can be anchored down for extra security.

Hedgehog Food was initially developed for rescue centres and wildlife hospitals but we're delighted to also make it available for feeding wild hedgehogs in the garden.

Hedgehog Food is a complete, nutritionally balanced, 100% natural Hedgehog Food which actively promotes animal health and vitality. The natural ingredients are boosted with the addition of essential vitamins and minerals and it is completely free from artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives.

The size and shape of the crunchy biscuit is designed to assist with dental hygiene, whilst still being highly palatable to hedgehogs of all ages. Young or infirm hedgehogs may benefit by soaking the Hedgehog Food in warm water for a few minutes before serving.



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