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Stylish Solid Pine Hedgehog Hibernation and Nesting Home


This Pine Hedgehog House is a stylish wooden building which provides your spikey friends with the ideal hibernation spot - a spacious, predator proof safe house with a long entrance tunnel which only hedgehogs or smaller animals can fit inside to make their way up to the main area of this hedgehog home.


As hedgehogs prefer to take shelter under greenery or garden sheds to help keep themselves safe, place this hedgehog house in a fairly hidden area to increase the chance of attracting one or more of these lovely little animals, and to make your new wooden garden feature more appealing to hedgehogs fill a quarter of the main chamber with dried leaves to make it softer, warmer and more comfortable for your spikey little friends.


This hedgehog hibernation home has been built from FSC certified pine wood and comes complete with air ventilation holes, an entry tunnel (which is hidden inside the house when delivered) and a removable roof which is useful when cleaning out this hedgehog house - which should only be done when you are certain that the home is empty to avoid the risk of disturbing and waking the resident hedgehog.


The lid can be removed for cleaning. To make it habitable, part-fill the nest chamber with dried leaves. Place the box in a secluded corner and cover with soil or leaves to boost the chances of the box being used. Do not disturb the box while occupied. Hedgehogs will also use the House for hibernation between November and mid-March.


These hedgehog houses require minimal assembly on arrival.


Dimensions: H: 32 cm x W: 38 cm x L: 39 cm (59 cm including the entrance tunnel).

Stylish Solid Pine Hedgehog Hibernation and Nesting Home



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