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Hedgehog Crossing Square Tunnel Garden Highway


Hedgehog Crossing to enable garden connectivity for hedgehog survival.


This tunnel is used to strengthen & reinforce your garden fence after cutting a hole to allow free passage of hedgehogs to neighbouring gardens or wildlife areas. Hedgehogs can travel a mile a night to feed and also to meet mates to breed. Hedgehog highways are considered to be one of the most important things that you can do to help hedgehogs in your garden and neighbourhood.


The Wildlife World Hedgehog crossing is made of second-life recycled plastic. It is pre-drilled with 4 holes for fixing. It comes with instructions and guidance about how to cut the hole and fix and fix your tunnel in place. The tunnel kit does not contain fixings as this will be specific to your fence type. The tunnel can be used singly on your side of the fence or can be paired up to provide stronger reinforcement.


H 315mm x W 285mm x D 6mm

Hedgehog Crossing Square Tunnel Garden Highway



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