This item is only for pre-booked educational visits to Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary or remote educational visits to your location.


Only make this deposit once you have made a booking for a visit. Please visit our 'Book Educational & Awareness Visits' page for more information.


The deposit amount required is detailed in the bookings form.  Please ensure you are making the correct deposit amount which would either be £10, £20, or £40 depending on which visit you have booked. Please see other deposits if this item is for the wrong deposit amount for your visit.


Cancellation Policy:

Deposits are non refundable if you cancel, fail to show up, don't have liability insurance (if required), or are a birthday party. Dates can be rearranged, but must be done so 7 days before the scheduled booking.

£40 Deposit For Visit



    We offer a free local delivery service to a 5 mile radius around Harpenden on orders over £20.  Please check the map at the bottom of the checkout page to confirm that you are within our free delivery range.

    You can also collect your order for FREE from a collection location in Harpenden.


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    It is important to note that the photos you see of hedgehogs on this website are taken while a hedgehog is in rehabilitation and DO NOT reflect the natural habit of a wild hedgehog. They are nocturnal.

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