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We have received a pallet full of amazing pine hedgehog homes kindly donated from! A total of 6 lovely pine all season hedgehog nesting houses which include removable roof and a pull out tunnel :) Amazing, this was so kind of Vivara and really appreciated. Donate Hedgehog Houses for Disabled Rescued Hedgehogs!

These houses are already in use being homes for a number of disabled wild hedgehogs which we are unable to release back in to the wild. These hedgehogs have disabilities such as being blind or serious leg injuries that would cause them trouble in the wild. However, all of these resident wild hedgehogs have their own gardens and will soon be relocated in to huge dedicated wild hedgehog gardens at the sanctuary :)

About Vivara:

At Vivara, our dedicated team are passionate about wildlife and providing ideas and products to help you share your garden with nature. It is so satisfying to create habitats on your doorstep and be able to see, hear and care for a wide variety of wildlife that may come to use it.

From our Shropshire headquarters, we are in control of the development and processing of our bird seed mixes and peanut based foods. By carefully selecting ingredients we can be sure of the quality of our foods. We know exactly the nutritional value of every food we mix and every jar we fill, so you don’t need to worry.

Vivara also has its own manufacturing facilities for the exceptional WoodStone® range as well as wooden nest boxes and bird tables. We even have our own nursery and growing fields to allow us to expand our range of wildlife-friendly plants.


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You can also call us on FREEPHONE 0800 012 9107.

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