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What To Feed British Hedgehogs

I've had quite a few people ask me what's the best food to feed hedgehogs especially as we head in to the colder seasons of the year. I've listed a few of the good and bad food for hedgehogs below which you might want to take a look though if you would like to help our hedgehogs out (which is a great thing to do!). Hedgehogs eat a variety of foods in the wild, you might also want to take a look at "What Do Hedgehogs Eat And Drink?" for more informoation on this.

Good Food:

- Provide fresh drinking water, this is really important whenever you place out food for the hogs.

- Any meat based cat or dog wet (jelly based) food.

- Special Hedgehog food (which we sell).

- Biscuits such as Purina One or similar kitten biscuits (chicken).

- Sunflower seeds (in small amounts).

- Nuts (Ideally crushed so they don't choke).

- Suet pellets with insects (we also sell these in our shop).

Bad Food:

- Bread.

- Milk (this can kill baby hoglets!)

- No dog or cat food that has gravey in it.

Dodgy Foods:

- Fish flavoured food was generally not recommended however I've heard this might be OK for them now. But, to be safe as I''m not 100% sure, don't feed them this.

- Mealworms hold very little nutritional value for hedgehogs, but hedgehogs love them and are a snack which they will eat above anything else! Definetly never feed these to hedgehogs as a main food source. It's ok to sprinkle a few or mix in very small amount with other good food. Definitely don’t ever feed exclusively.

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