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We Urgently Need More Winter Pens To Home Hedgehogs This Year

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

It looks like Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary are going to be pretty full this year and needs to expand hedgehog homes. We urgently need more winter pens for the hedgehogs which we take care of over the cold season.

You can help us by making a donation at our GoFundMe page.

Poorly hedgehog

It would cost thousands of pounds to buy the propper vet type pens and the charity does not have any funds for this. But, I can build some D.IY. cages similar to the ones I've made in the past. These do the job, not perfect but they work.

These pens are placed inside a heated building. We use electric heaters in the rooms where the hedgehogs are homed. These over winter hegehogs which we care for have a nice place to relax during the cold winter season. Most of them are found and brought to us underweight, hoglets, or have injuries. We also have permanently homed hedgehogs which have disabilities such as missing legs, blind, broken mouths/jaws, or are very ill.

Custom hedgehog pens

The pens I've made previously cost me about £150-200 in materials to build two 4 column stacked hedgehog homes (see photo). But, I sourced alot of the materials from building sites and collected second hand wood. I also bought an 8 cam cctv system used to remotely monitor the hedgehogs which was about £350.00. I personally covered the costs of all this.

I'd like to build at least two more stacks of hedgehog homes (8 hog homes), but more if possible, ideally 16 hog homes or 4 more columned stacks. I have a little second hand 18mm plywood but not enough. I'd need to buy everything else such as screws, hindges, various bits of solid wood, and thinner plywood, along with chicken wire (smaller holed), and if possible some more cctv monitoring cameras,

I estimate it would cost the following:

£600 - It's about £150 for one 4 custom columbed stack of hedgehog homes. We need at least 2 stacks but ideally 4 stacks, so £600 in all for 16 new hog homes.

£350 - For another 8 cam cctv unit.

If we can reach £300 that would be amazing and pay for the costs of making 8 new winter hog homes!

You can help us by making a donation at our GoFundMe page.

Any donation you could help with would be greatly appreciated. I will cover whatever costs we are short of.

Thank you from all the hedgheogs at Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary



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