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Urban Wild British Hedgehog Release - Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary

This is "Trinity" being released back in to the wild in to an Urban release site for Wild British Hedgehogs. Trinity came in to us for rehabilitation having a cough but was soon after found to be a mother who gave birth to three baby hoglets that had since been released.

Trinity is being released during the day but it is important to note that hedgehogs are nocturnal and should normally only be seen during the night times. Trinity was released in to Val's garden where we have released 10 rehabilitated hedgehogs to date :)​ Good luck Trinity, and stay safe!


A family run Charity that looks after British wild hedgehogs. We use 100% of income generated from our shop and from donations to help the hedgehogs.


The charity is a family run operation with help from the local community. Setup in April 2015, Mother and son are involved on a daily basis. The charity rehabilitates Hedgehogs which are sick, injured, underweight, or need help.



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