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Trudie From The 3rd Redbourn Brownies Fund raised £83 at Redbourn School For The Hedgehogs!

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

We would like to share with you a lovely letter from Trudie who recently visited Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary for an Educational and Awareness Talk on hedgehogs with the 3rd Redbourn Brownies.

Trudie wanted to help the hedgehogs out and took it upon herself to do a fund raiser event at her school in Redbourn. Trudie helped to raise awareness of the troubles our hedgehogs are facing and also raised £83 from the Summer Fair. She also went round her neighborhood street and also knocked on doors for donations.

Then, Trudie setup a food bank for the hedgehogs asking parents to donate a sachet of food for the hedgehogs and collected a huge bag of food for the hogs!

This was such an amazing thing to do for the hedgehogs and what a huge heart Trudie has :D I invited Trudie over to the Sanctuary where she presented the money she raised and also got to meet Rock (a baby hoglet) that I have just rescued that day. Trudie also got to meet my friend Fern (an 8 week old English Springer Spaniel).

Thank you Trudie for the lovely letter and all the effort you put in to helping the hedgehogs. This was a really kind gesture.



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