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Thank you to everyone for all your help and support at this years Childwickbury Christmas Market

There were so many people that helped us this year. A huge thank you to the team at Childwickbury for all their support. They are so well organised and always really helpful.

We had a great time and absolutely loved chatting to all you lovely hedgehog supporters! It was an amazing turnout and we completely sold out of almost all the items we were selling to help raise funds for the hedgehogs! Thank you to everyone who visited our stall.

It was only myself and Kate on the stall last year. This year, we had Kate, Suzanne, Sarah, Frances, Nicola, and myself! What a super team :D I can't thank you all enough, you did such an amazing job!

A special thanks to Frances and Nicola for their support this year though selling Frances's knits (FrizKnits). They were a hit, and raised a huge amount for the hedgehogs! Frances spent along time crafting these stunning knits.

A big thank you to Kathy, Claire's mother for making us these amazing hedgehog pin cousins along with donating some super hedgehog cards! We were selling these to help raise funds for the hedgehogs at and nearly all of them were sold :D This was really kind of Kathy and helped raise a lot of money for the hedgehogs!

Kathy's hedgehog pin cousins
Thank you Kathy for these lovely hedgehog lavender cousins, pin holders, and cards!

Thank you to my mother Harriet, who spent days making lots of hedgehog craft items for us to sell. They were lovely and helped raise a great deal of money for the hedgehogs!

Lovely hedgehog hair pins by Harriet
Lovely hedgehog hair pins by Harriet

Thank you to Elaine for doing an amazing job of wrapping up Christmas gifts for us to sell on the stall. Elaine wrapped up lots of wildlife feeder and food gifts which looked beautiful and all sold!

Lovely Christmas gifts wrapped by Elaine
Lovely Christmas gifts wrapped by Elaine

A big thank you to Riverford Organic Foods for their support in the printing costs of our leaflets, with special thanks to David :D



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