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Ruffles Family Fundraiser for the Hedgehogs raises over £200 through cake sales!

Lizzy Ruffles wrote to us on Facebook to let us know that her daughter and friends had setup a cake stand to help raise funds for the hedgehogs. Lizzy's daughter also drew an excellent poster with information about the hedgehogs to help raise awareness and also drew a masterpiece of two hedgehogs together with flowers in their paws :)

We received a lovely had written letter too inside a card with a photo of her at the cake stall :) The letter reads...

two hedgehogs together with flowers in their paws

"Dear Hornbeam Wood hedgehog Sanctuary

I'd like to say thank you for looking after the hedgehogs. I did a cake sale and raised £205 for the hedgehogs. We also collected towels and pet food. We really liked wood and I hope the releasing went well and that wood is safe."
Dog food

Thank you so much for your amazing efforts and the huge amount of money raised for the hedgehogs! They were so pleased with the yummy food as well and super towels to snuggle up in to :D Well done!



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