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Request for: Really Useful Box 50/64 Litre Clear Storage Boxes & Local Hedgehog Fosterers!

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

This is one of the busy seasons for us and actually the most busy in terms of capacity limits. During the other seasons I can very easily keep up not hitting the capacity limit as I'm able to release hedgehogs that are fit and healthy and rotate the hutches and pens. However, at this time of the year I'm not able to do that (well in another 2 weeks or so that is).

Heated overwintering hedgehog pens

At present we have a maximum capacity of around 80 hedgehogs. That capacity limit is more to do with my time rather than space. In an emergency, I can buy more Really Useful Box 64 Litre Clear Storage Boxes to house more hogs. Those that are around the 350+g mark can still be in outside hutches in unheated sheds at the sanctuary. However, this changes in a few weeks and most of the hogs will be inside a building that is insulated and heated, and in rehabilitation hutches/boxes. This is when things become a little more complicated as space is kind of a limiting factor.

Really Useful Box 64 Litre Clear Storage Box

If you would like to help us out this winter, we would really appreciate "Really Useful" plastic boxes! These can be found at our Amazon Wish List:

We are at around 50 hedgehogs at present, which is fine. But nearly every hog that arrives from now on is likely to be with us, or a fosterer until Spring time. Along with this we are only in early November and hogs will still be arriving throughout the winter period (although the numbers do slow dramatically in late Dec/early Jan).

Those that have already registered to help us by becoming a fosterer for overwintering have all been contacted and the process of distributing healthy, but underweight hogs has already started. However, we would welcome more fosterers! So, if you'd like to register your interest please head over to this page:

There has been a large spike in hedgehog rescue calls recently. We can still take in hedgehogs but I'm going to have to start being selective :( and referring those that are not local to us over to The British Hedgehog Preservation Society. I am sorry, at other times of the year it is fine, but I don't want to be in a position of being unable to take in local hedgehogs that are in need of help (especially if they have issues other than being underweight).

These tubs are used for underweight hedgehogs. Once the hedgehog is a good weight ready to hibernate (or a decent safe weight 650g+) they are moved in to a hutch/cage.



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