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POEM: The Queen of Wild Hedgehogs.

In a British garden, nestled 'neath a shed, Lives a wild hedgehog, with a crown upon its head. Its quills all a-quiver, in the moon's soft light, This spiky little creature, a marvel of the night.

POEM: The Queen of Wild Hedgehogs.
POEM: The Queen of Wild Hedgehogs.

With beady eyes that sparkle, like stars in the dark, It snuffles through the leaves, in search of a tasty snack. For hedgehogs are nature's cleanup crew, you see, They dine on bugs and slugs, keeping gardens bug-free. But this tiny hedgehog needs your help, my friend, To ensure its little world doesn't come to an end. Leave out a bowl of water, fresh and clean, And some cat food or dog food, a tasty cuisine. Create a hedgehog highway, a hole in the fence, So it can roam freely, without any hindrance. Avoid using pesticides, keep your garden green, For these prickly pals are Mother Nature's dream. So, if you spot a hedgehog beneath a shed, Remember to protect them, with love and not dread. For in the British countryside, they're cherished and adored, These spiky little creatures, in gardens they've explored.

Martin (with a little help)

Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary (



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