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NEWS & UPDATES from Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary [AUG 2022]

So it's been a bit busy for us this past couple of months with rescues and has been the busiest period to date for hoglet rescues. I'm sure the weather has had a hand in the struggles our hedgehogs have been facing, but there has also been a shift to more serious injuries sustained to rescued hedgehogs.


I'd just like to thank all the volunteers for their help over this time especially Nadia who has been a god send for me helping at the sanctuary :) She's a star! Also a big thank you to Lou and Harriet who have been taking some of the strain away from me.

Along with rescues I've also been very busy planning the next steps for the Charity behind the scenes. It looks like things are falling in to place. I can't say too much yet as there are still administrative bits to sort out, but once those are done (hopefully by November time) I'll let you all know what's going on. I think you'll also be as excited as I am!

What I can say is I've been meeting lots of like minded folk to plan out the future of the Charity and Sanctuary, including operational facilities and expansion! I'm still in the process of seeking out and also formalising new strategic partnerships but one of them is extremely exciting!!! The Sanctuary itself is formed of about 10 acres of land and this land will be more heavily utilised for wildlife very soon. There may be an opportunity to align partnerships that would increase this area to over 60 acres of land dedicated to the protection and rehabilitation of local wildlife. Yes... we are branching out and extending rescues and rehabilitation to more wildlife in need.

I'm at a point where I just can't cope with much more on my plate, and although I really love to get involved with everything. I need to entrust others for help. We have two lovely ladies helping us to achieve this, Jill and Vicky. I am also very pleased to let you know that we also have 3 new Trustees to help us, Christopher Southern, Edward Pickering, and Rona Pickering (

Wild hedgehogs will always be the core and heart of our rescue efforts but we would also like to help other endangered species. I'm hoping everything slots in to place and by the end of the year you will see some amazing projects which we have in the pipeline that are also aligned with some wonderful new partners.


Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary (



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