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New Hedgehog Incubator Purchased With Donation From Waitrose & Sponsorship From Savills of Harpenden

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

We are extremely pleased and grateful to announce that we now have a brand new Hedgehog Incubator which I purchased a few days ago. The Incubator will be paid for by donations from the Harpenden Waitrose Green Token Scheme that all you lovely people dropped in tokens for last month, and by a sponsorship donation from Savills Estate Agents in Harpenden for The Savills Dog Show event at Harpenden Carnival (hosted by Harpenden Round Table and Harpenden Town Council).

Brindsea TLC-40 Eco Intensive Care Unit / Brooder / Recovery Unit

These incubators are very expensive items and we are so grateful to Waitrose, Savills, and all of you! We are a small family run self funded charity and donations, sponsorships, and fundraisers from members, the local community, and businesses help us immensely. I bought the incubator preemptively as we urgently needed one but knew the Charity was going to receive donations from Waitrose and Savills at the end of the month to cover the cost of the incubator.

Baby Hoglet

The incubator arrived yesterday and was in use today as we received a baby hoglet this morning!

Incubator in use with a baby hoglet inside!

This incubator will be permanently located at Kate's house in Luton. Kate is the expert on rescued hoglets which take a lot of care and time to look after. This incubator will be used for orphaned baby hoglets we receive that are days to weeks old and invaluable with hoglets that are only days old.

Baby Hoglet inside incubator

I will post up another update once we have received the donations from @Waitrose and @Savills letting you all know how much was raised. We also need another incubator located at Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary to be used for injured hedgehogs and also baby hoglets that are waiting to be delivered to Kate. But, it was more important to have an incubator for Kate to use. I'm hoping we will be able to fund raise the amount needed to purchase a second incubator.

The incubator we purchased was a Brinsea TLC-40 Eco Intensive Care Unit / Brooder Recovery Unit that is ideal for hedgehogs. We'd like to thank Brinsea for helping us by honoring a discounted rate from a promotional deal that had just expired by the time I managed to order the unit.

Savills Estate Agents of Harpenden

Waitrose of Harpenden

Thank you to Waitrose, Savills, and all of you for your continued support helping us rescue sick and injured hedgehogs, and orphaned hoglets.



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