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Maddy and Vicky help Wild Hedgehog with Awareness Leaflets throughout Redbourn!

A huge thank you to both Maddy and Vicky who are both from Redbourn in Hertfordshire for helping the hedgehogs with awareness leaflets. They delivered hundreds of leaflets to local residents detailing ways the local community can help the hedgehogs by encouraging small changes to their gardens.

Maddy and Vicky
Maddy and Vicky holding their hedgehog awareness leaflet

The leaflet was expertly designed by Maddy which listed some useful tips and things to watch out for to help the local hedgehog population in Redbourn.

Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary is often in the local area rescuing hedgehogs that have found themselves in precarious situations. We are so pleased to hear that the local residents have taken the advice and information on the leaflets and turned them in to actions by making Redbourn a Hedgehog Friendly village.

Well done the both of you!

If anyone is interested in helping local hedgehogs though spreading awareness such as campaigns like this, please get in touch with us. We can provide lots of useful informational leaflets and guides that can get you started. We can also advise on issues the hedgehogs face with a view to making small changes in order to help local populations of hedgehogs.



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