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Imfrikenanon raises a huge £477.23 fundraised through his "ImFrikenAnon's Charity Stream on Twitch

A big thank you to "Imfrikenanon" for livestreaming an entire month in support of the hedgehogs through (

Imfrikenanon raised a huge £477.23 fundraised through his "ImFrikenAnon's Charity Stream for Charitable Reasons, Charitizing Hedgehogs Because of how Philanthropic you are" on Tiltify Charity fundraiser ( A huge thank you to all his supporters for helping to raise this huge amount of money for the hedgehogs! We have sent Imfrikenanon a thank you package with a few gifts that he may be sharing with his very kind followers.

The first stream was on January 28th 2022. After that, he streamed throughout February every Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday 2022! Imfrikenanon owns the world record in Garfield Kart: Furious Racing and regularly plays the game to improve. He also does a bit of everything, though, so there's always something someone will enjoy.

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