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Huge Selection of Hedgehog Nesting House Boxes and Homes Now In Our Online Shop

We are delighted to let you know that our selection of Hedgehog Houses has just increased available for delivery right now via our online hedgehog gift shop!


This is the perfect time to be placing hedgehog nesting boxes and homes in your gardens as winter will soon be approaching. Winter months can be problematic for hedgehogs as food sources begin to decrease and they search for a place to hibernate over the frosty cold days and night.

Wild Hedgehogs can hibernate though out the entire winter season and will normally start to awaken (they don't really sleep, but it's similar to sleeping) in the Spring time.

We have been busy sourcing various type of hedgehog houses and homes ready for those that would like to help the hedgehogs this winter and also us with 100% of the generated revenue from the sales of them going to the hedgehogs in rehabilitation at Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary.

We've selected a range of home to fit any budget. Any of which would benefit the hedgehogs this winter with some of them being hedgehog palaces :)

Hedgehog House Garden Tips:

  • Ideally out of they way from daily disturbances like noise or movement in your garden.

  • Under hedges are superb locations.

  • Near food sources is great but not right next to food you put out for the hedgehogs.

  • Ensure there is ample nesting material close by such as dry leaves, hay, straw, or even a compost heap!

  • If you buy a hedgehog home that is weaved with material it's advised to also place dried leaves or natural materials on top of them to retain an insulated layer for the hedgehogs to make their nests in.

  • Don't forget that if the hedgehogs can't get in toy your garden then they won't be able to enjoy your new hedgehog house. Ideally cutting a small 13cm x 13cm hole in your fence or wall, or about the size of a CD, is perfect. Maybe also letting your neighbors know so they could do the same thing!

  • You might also like to put a sign at the front of your new hedgehog home so that the hedgehogs know it's a place for them to move in to :)

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