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Gifted Lawnmower From The 1st Harpenden Scouts Brought Back To Life By Victoria Garage In Harpenden

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

The 1st Harpenden Scouts ( had an old sit on Honda Lawnmower sitting under some trees at their Harpenden Scout hut. It had a few things missing including the steering wheel, ignition switch and had been there for a few years. It now has a custom sports mini steering wheel (should make it go faster). The Scout Group very kindly gifted it to Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary last year.

Glen from Victoria Garage in Harpenden

I approached Jim from Victoria Garage in Harpenden and he kindly said he'd have it up and running ready for the Spring this year. Last week Jeremy (one of the Scout leaders) helped me pickup the lawnmower. Jeremy also helped me pickup the lawnmower from the Scout hut with his trailor.

Jim from Victoria Garage in Harpenden

The lawnmower is up and running and ready to cut the grass! It will be used to cut the areas where organised groups of children sit during the Spring/Summer months when they come up to the Sanctuary for educational talks about hedgehogs.

Jeremy from The 1st Harpenden Scouts Group

And here is the first sprint accross the grass with Jeremy at the wheel!

Click the picture below to play the video!



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