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@fafnir_prime live streams "The Long Drive" game to fundraise $200 for the hedgehogs on Twitch.tv

A huge thank you to https://www.twitch.tv/fafnir_prime for raising a whopping $200 (https://streamlabscharity.com/@fafnir-prime/drivin-for-the-hogs) for the hedgehogs.


@fafnir_prime live streamed "The Long Drive" game to fundraise for the hedgehogs, not stopping until the goal was reached :D fafnir_prime was streaming while matching donations up to $25 total.

Thank you so much to all fafnir_prime followers for also very kindly donating to the hedgehogs!

This was our first livestreamer on Twitch to support the Charity and fafnir_prime also reached the £150 goal for a hedgehog T-Shirt which will be sent out shortly :) More information here: https://www.hornbeamwood.org.uk/livestream-fundraisers

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