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Educational Hedgehog Visit to SS Alban and Stephen Infant and Nursery School

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

We visited SS Alban and Stephen Infant and Nursery School this week and gave educational talks about hedgehogs, wildlife, and the environment to the children. They learnt lots and we had a few games that also helped them remember what's good and bad for nature.

SS Alban and Stephen Infant and Nursery School is an Infant School in St Albans and we visited their foundation stage children. They are a foundation stage unit with 50 Nursery children and 60 reception children. We held four educational sessions with classes of around 30 children. They where all very well behaved and had a lovely time. We would like to thank the teachers and helpers who also attended.

Childrens letter to Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary

We started the educational sessions with a talk about hedgehogs and what we do at Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary. The children where asked questions about what they already knew about hedgehogs and replied with lots of good answers. We then played a game to see if they remembered what we talked about and asked the children to tell us what was good and bad for hedgehogs!

These items where bad for hedgehogs!

These items where good for hedgehogs!

We then brought out a hedgehog for the children to meet and introduced the hedgehogs to each child. The children where very excited to meet a hedgehog. Once they had seen the hog they sat down and drew their own hedgehogs which where very good. The colours where great and they drew the ears, snout, and eyes perfectly.

A lovely drawing of 'Boo', the hedgehog.

A lovely drawing of 'Boo', the hedgehog.

The children also used leaves in their drawings which looked so nice!

Hedgehog made with leaves!

We would like to thank Alice and Charlene for inviting us and all the children who where really good and almost silent when meeting the hedgehog :D

We would also like to thank Ginette for her help :)

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