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Don't Mess with Wheaty Group clears Bower Heath of litter to help the Hedgehogs!

Brave souls from "Don't Mess with Wheaty Group" ( turned out to help clear Bower Heath of litter last Sunday. The weather was horrendous when they started (rain and high winds) but they finished in lovely sunshine :)

Don't Mess with Wheaty Group

A big thanks to Julie Chadwick and her husband Andy, Janice Knights, Andrew Robley and his wife and dog, Ian H Jinks, Iain Begg, Sarah Millac, Richard Brett and Julie Bell and Jinty the dog.


This was a huge help for the hedgehogs as lots of different types of litter can cause terrible troubles for hedgehogs along with many other wildlife. The group had a huge pile of rubbish collected and did a fantastic job to keep the area litter free.

The group is always looking for volunteers to help with future planned areas of litter picking, please visit their Facebook page for more information!

Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary (



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