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Childwickbury Christmas Market Frizknits funds New Microscope Compound Trinocular with 5MP Camera!

Frances from Frizknits (https://www.facebook.com/frizknits/) joined us at Childwickbury Christmas Market at our stall this year and through the sales of her knits, and pre orders, funded a new Microscope Compound Trinocular with 5MP Camera and all accessories!

This is absolutely amazing :D This is a superb bit of kit that will be used on just about all hedgehogs we rehabilitate. It will be used to view samples of hedgehog poo! Mainly to find out what type of worms a hedgehog has which will help us with administering medication.

SWIFT Microscope Compound Trinocular SW350T, Research-Grade for Lab, 40X-2500X Magnification, with Wide-Field 10X, 25X Eyepieces, Siedentopf Head, Camera-Compatible, Mechanical Stage, Abbe Condenser

I can't wait to start collecting hedgehog poo :D It will take a little time to setup as it will be connected to a computer so we can capture the samples in a digital format. We will then be able to send these sample images off for second opinions in the event we are not 100% sure of the results and to share with you! I'm sure you'd love to see these parasites up close :)

A huge thank you to everyone who purchased from Frizknits and for visiting us at Childwickbury Christmas Market, your support is truly heartwarming.

Here are a few of the accessories we also purchased:

AmScope BS-72P-100S-22 72 Pieces of Pre-Cleaned Blank Microscope Slides and 100 Pieces of 22x22mm Square Coverslips Cover Glass
Heathrow Scientific HD15994G Microscope Slide Box, Cork Lined, 100 Place, 208 mm Length x 175 mm Width x 34 mm Height, Black
SWIFT Microscope EyePiece Camera EP5, 5.0 MegaPixel Digital Camera for Color Photography and Video Livestreams, with EyePiece Mount, USB 2.0 Connection, Windows and Mac Compatible
50 x Urine Sample Bottles Specimen Pot Graduated Container with Lid & Label 30ml + Re-usable Female Urinal
Camlab Plastics RTP/77120-N Conical Microtube, 1.5 mL, Natural (Pack of 500)

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