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Animal Welfare Service Held By Father Edd from St Andrews Church Southgate Raises £200

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Father Edd from St Andrews Church Southgate contacted Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary letting us know that he was holding an Animal Welfare Service. He told us that the Church would like the collection from that service to be donated to the hedgehogs at Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary.

Animal Welfare Service

A total of £200 was collected and we've just received this cheque! This is a great deal of money to be raised and will go along way to help the hedgehogs we rehabilitate. We'd like to thank everyone who dropped in donations to the collection on that day and, all the hedgehogs we are tending are going to be very pleased indeed! Thank you so much :D

Father Edd from St Andrews Church Southgate
One of the hedgehogs we were rehabilitating before being released back in to the wild. This poor fella had an injury to his nose :(

Margaret also attended the visit and got to meet one of the orphaned hoglets.


Father Edd visited the sanctuary a few weeks back and we showed him what we do there. He got to meet a few of the hedgehogs and interviewed me with lots of questions about hedgehogs. This interview was played in the church that day on a large projection screen! I hope you all enjoyed it :)

Interview was played in the church

You can find out more about St Andrews Church Southgate by visiting or follow Father Edd @StAndrewsN14 on twitter!

St Andrew's Southgate

020 8447 8108

St Andrew’s Church,

Chase Side,



N14 5PP



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