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3rd Harpenden Scouts group make custom Hedgehog Rehabilitation Huts

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

A huge thank you to the 3rd Harpenden Scouts group ( for making the hedgehogs four custom rehabilitation huts for us! These are amazing!

The Scouts did such a superb job in building them using materials Jewson of Harpenden ( kindly donated to the Scouts. They framed the huts with pine and used plyboard for the sides and base. Chicken wire was used to cover the open sides and felt to stop the rain on top. They will have a small hedgehog nesting box inside for the hedgehog to curl up safely out of sight while sleeping.

3rd Harpenden Scouts Group
3rd Harpenden Scouts Group

These outdoor huts are used for hedgehogs that are being rehabilitated normally for a few weeks before being released in to a soft release pen or garden ready to be released back in to the wild.

The Scouts also spent the afternoon helping to clear one of the large pens in preparation for the new Hedgehog Garden 😀 (watch this space).

Cleared Fence

I had only ever once been in this pen as it was so overgrown. This is one of 6 very large, soon to be Hedgehog Gardens!



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