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3rd Harpenden Scouts Group Create Insect Hotel, Plant Wild Flowers, And Make Log Bug Paths

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Huge thanks to the 3rd Harpenden Scouts Group for the second visit to Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary helping to create hedgehog friendly areas at the Sanctuary. These areas will be used for hedgehogs we are rehabilitating allowing them to have a soft release prior to being released back in to the wild.

The soft release areas are used to check and monitor that the hedgehogs are ready for release from injuries that have healed and ensuring they are foraging correctly. They are also areas to help us monitor the hedgehogs are performing their usual habits such as making a nest and dragging the contents in their mouths for the nests.

The Scouts carried out several projects including:

  • Completion of the Insect Hotel (pallets stacked on top of each other with lots of areas for bugs to hide and habitats for them to live in). The hotel includes logs with bee sized holes drilled in to them, hessian wrapped cloth, slates with mud sandwiched between them, twigs, leaves, and cavities to attract bugs.

  • Bug loving log footpath. Old wood that was dead or fallen branches cut in to long lengths to create a path for bugs to get stuck in to and eventually rot the logs down over the years. A superb place for hedgehogs to forage for insects.

  • Planted bushes, plants, and wild flowers. These are create for attracting insects and also provide some coverage for hedgehogs.

  • Small ponds. Two small ponds were dug in to the ground in the woods to home frogs and also provide much needed water for the hedgehogs and also other wildlife.

  • Clearing of some fallen branches which had been broken off by recent winds.

Many thanks to the leaders who did a superb job with helping the group and organising teams for specific tasks!

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It is important to note that the photos you see of hedgehogs on this website are taken while a hedgehog is in rehabilitation and DO NOT reflect the natural habit of a wild hedgehog. They are nocturnal.

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